Rob Walters

Rob is Vice President of EWA-Canada responsible for company operations. Rob joined EWA-Canada in 1989 and prior to becoming Vice President, was the EWA-Canada Director overseeing EWA-Canada’s Managed Security Services (MSS), IT Security Consulting Services, the Canadian Computer Emergency Response Team (CanCERT™), and EWA-Canada’s IT operations.

Rob has extensive experience in the design and development of complex computer networks and test and evaluation facilities. In addition to leading a number of comprehensive IT security reviews of large organizations, Rob has significant practical experience in incident response, intrusion detection, IT security architecture design, and penetration and vulnerability testing. Rob also led the teams that designed and implemented CanCERT™, as well as EWA-Canada’s range of Managed Security Services.

Rob has a Master’s degree in electrical engineering and was an experienced systems engineer prior to transitioning to the IT Security field in 1997.