Paul Zatychec

Paul Zatychec is a Director with Electronic Warfare Associates - Canada Ltd..  Paul currently oversees the High Assurance program with a team that provides world-class security review and testing services of state of the art telecommunications 3G and 4G infrastructure technologies.  In the past, he has overseen several corporate IT security programs and had responsibility for the EWA-Canada R&D program and delivering core IT security services such as the Payment Assurance security evaluation lab and other core business lines.


Paul has expanded EWA-Canada’s commercial role supporting telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, and law enforcement sectors and has led the application of emerging semantic automation technologies to support our client’s success.  He participates in various international forums and is on the Board of Directors for ACT Canada and other organizations is a past board member for the Society for the Policing of Cyberspace.


As an experienced systems engineer with significant program management experience, Paul has participated in several federal and provincial level government security projects.  He has helped many product developers achieve success with firewall, biometric authentication, VPN,  Public Key Infrastructure, telephony firewalls, Point of Sale Terminals and many other technologies. 


Paul has also enjoyed a successful 15-year career in aerospace.  Prior to joining EWA-Canada, his last public sector position was Program Manager for a complex avionics and weapons upgrade for the CF-18 fighter weapon system.