Governments who are responsible to a large number of stakeholders or constituents while also being responsible for overall economic development must keep pace with new telecommunications capabilities or risk losing ground in an increasingly global economy. The foundation of future success is dependent upon secure, high bandwidth solutions and the ability to attract new investment, particularly in the highly competitive value-added goods, services, and technology industries.


Furthermore, a nation’s telecommunication information infrastructure is a keystone asset to the overall health of the country and safety of the citizenry. Other critical infrastructures (e.g., financial, electrical, etc.), depend heavily on a secure and available telecommunications infrastructure. As such, a very high degree of confidence and assurance is required by all that this infrastructure can be relied upon to operate in a hostile and chaotic environment where there are increasingly sophisticated and evolving threats. In particular, the infrastructure must be free from malware, trapdoors and vulnerabilities. Stakeholders need assurance that adequate steps and security mechanisms are in place to mitigate any subversive activity directed at telecommunications service providers/manufacturers/vendors involved in the supply chain.

EWA-Canada provides professional independent telecommunications consulting services focused on special needs. Whether you need help with the development of a strategy for broadband infrastructure and telecommunications services, security assessments of your networks (including infrastructure as well as technologies such as VoIP), project management, operational support or managing security give us a call. These are all areas in which EWA-Canada specializes. EWA-Canada has also done work in telecommunications-related business case development with robust and adaptable economic modeling to support planning and business decision-making.

EWA-Canada offers the capability to furnish, install, integrate, test and manage a voice security, management, and auditing platform. EWA-Canada hosts the industry's leading telephony firewall and management solution, and delivers an integrated set of powerful applications to secure, optimize and efficiently manage enterprise voice systems and services. The service provides a total Voice Management and Security System with very high return on investment that provides unique and powerful capabilities to track and report usage, monitor network health and status, and eliminate vulnerabilities and abuse.


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