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National Defence


Today the military is looking for more effective ways of using information and networks to support operations. These “Network Enabled Operations” (NEO) have many of their roots in the Electronic Warfare measures, counter-measures and counter-counter measures. The commercial market place is exploiting the advances in miniaturization of components, convergence of voice, data and video all of which have potential military applications. The commercial market is also experiencing the same hostile environment where the motivation is often based on financial gain and not political advantage. Electronic Warfare Associates - Canada, Ltd. have applied many of the lessons learned in supporting the military to supporting other government departments, Critical Infrastructure owners and operators and the private sector. The lessons learned by EWA-Canada in deploying the first Intrusion Detection Sensors for the Canadian government, setting up and operating CanCERT™ and setting up the cyber research lab and R&D program for the Defence Research Establishment,have provided a unique appreciation of the requirements and challenges to implement a NEO capability.

The threats are no longer limited to nation states and professional soldiers but have expanded to include well funded terrorist groups and criminal gangs willing to sell their services.  The battlefields now include well populated urban areas and the targets include non-combatants all working and living in the realms of cyber space.  EWA-Canada monitors these malicious activities 24/7 and provide detailed technical analysis in near real time, often collaborating with other CERT teams from around the world.  

As DND and the Canadian Forces embark on one of the the most extensive transformations of operational concepts, EWA-Canada is well prepared to work with the major prime contractors or DND program offices to apply their considerable expertise to the NEO challenges ahead.

EWA-Canada is qualified under the Tri-Service Supply Arrangement for Professional Engineering and Technical Support Services for the Department of National Defence.  EWA-Canada is also registered under the Controlled Goods Registration Program.

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