Information Sharing
& Analysis Centres


Presidential Decision Directive 63 (PDD63) was issued in 1998 by then President Bill Clinton. It was the first open political acknowledgement that both the US military might and the US National economy were vulnerable to attack due to their reliance on cyber-based information systems. PDD63 was intended to eliminate significant vulnerabilities in the critical infrastructure to cyber and physical attacks through a cooperative process between government and the private sector.

When the entire North American Air traffic system was grounded on September 11th 2001, it became the first and most obvious visible indicator of the interdependencies of the transportation system on which we rely. There are multiple critical infrastructures that are owned and operated by both the public and private sectors and cross geopolitical boundaries. Many of the lessons learned related to the need for information sharing and analysis have been embodied in Information Sharing and Analysis Centres (ISACs) EWA plays a key role as a trusted third party in supporting these government and industry sponsored organizations.
The continued threats to and the inherent weaknesses within the individual sectors, is a consistent cause for concern. Add to that the vulnerabilities that affect the interdependencies amongst these sectors, the requirement for continued vigilance and updating of tactics and assessments are obvious and have become an operational necessity.

The Information Sharing and Analysis Centres (ISAC's) collect, analyze, and report critical cyber and physical security and threat information from innumerable sources to include the private infrastructures, Canadian and US intelligence community, Canadian and US Government, Canadian and US Military, law enforcement, academia, and the international Computer Emergency Response Team(CERT) community on a 24x7 basis. The ISAC provides a secure, two-way reporting and analysis structure that enables the transmission of critical alerts and advisories as well as the collection, analysis and reporting of security information to all stakeholders. The ISAC can provide a critical linkage between industry, the department oversight and other critical entities. They can also work closely with other established ISACs for other critical sectors to help provide the bridge between interdependent sectors.

EWA-Canada works with ISACs, Department of Homeland Security(DHS), individual critical infrastructure sectors and Canadian government agencies to address the many challenges related to Critical Infrastructure Protection.

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