Governments & Agencies

Federal, provincial and municipal departments and agencies often have unique requirements where industry provides a valuable contribution to the corporate memory of many organizations. Since 1988, EWA-Canada has provided access to credible, independent, trusted third party resources who have experience working with governments across Canada and across borders. Governments have found these resources to provide critical and timely support throughout the entire lifecycle of  a system.  Our Systems Engineering approach ensures that the People, Processes and Technologies are combined in a manner that best meets the government's cost, schedule and functional requirements.

The breadth of our expertise provides the government client with a strategic perspective, as well as a detailed technical perspective that is compliant with government's procurement policies and processes.  Our staff can augment a government-led team, provide full Project Management services, act as a fairness monitor on major procurement projects, or serve on strategic advisory boards.

EWA-Canada is qualified under a number of Federal and Provincial standing offers. This means that our staff are pre-qualified to provide specialist services to governments which can often expedite the process of acquiring critical services. EWA-Canada provides a wide variety of security services including System Security Engineering, Information Technology Security Training, Risk Management, Semantic Services and the collection, analysis and dissemination of information related to networked computer threats, vulnerabilities and incidents through our offering in CanCERT™ .

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