Critical Infrastructure Protection

In early 1999 EWA-Canada was awarded a multi-year contract to provide Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) Services to the Government of Canada. Our CIIP expertise includes:

  • defining the Canadian Critical Information Infrastructure (CII);
  • defining the technical threat to and vulnerabilities of the CII;
  • defining the technical elements of the threat, vulnerabilities and the assets to be protected in the Canadian CII that are different from a traditional threat and vulnerability analysis;
  • recommending federal government partnering with the private sector;
  • recommending CIIP opportunities for international co-operation;
  • defining the requirements for a National Information Protection Co-ordination Centre;
  • creating and facilitating the Government Incident Response Team, a weekly teleconference service to federal, provincial and municipal governments representatives to discuss technical analysis of current incidents and share information on suspicious network activity; and
  • defining incident response options.

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