Semantic automation is the process of determining and using meaning from natural language and unstructured text based information and making this information useful to humans and machines.  EWA-Canada has processes in place and technology available that can help you deal with the information overload and interoperability challenges, particularly when dealing with unstructured text-based information.

Semantic Technologies are based on models that explicitly encode the meaning of information to avoid ambiguity and support automated reasoning.  Such models are usually called "ontologies".  By automating the reasoning process, consistency checking is facilitated and enables the inferencing of new information and knowledge.  Semantic technologies can be used in many situations by many users ranging from novice to expert and offer benefits of:

  • better integration of information
  • dramatically improved search
  • significantly improved understanding
  • better information interoperability between systems and people
  • sharing and reuse
  • improved flexibility
  • lower information maintenance costs
  • Make efficient use of what is in your information assets
  • Process large stacks of complicated documentation to quickly find out information of importance and interest to you. 
  1. Amongst other considerations, security and privacy related information can be "hidden" in text    and  finding these situations can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack.  There are many other types of non-obvious information gems that can be created and discovered using semantic  technologies, and these can be in any area of interest.
  • Conduct a sophisticated, multi-dimensional search of the Internet (or of a knowledge base in your  own organization) that goes beyond keywords in terms of complexity. Semantic Search for searching and monitoring of the Internet for issues of relevance to your organization.
  • Use sophisticated ontologies or models for searching to discover information gems in a sea of otherwise unstructured information.
  1. EWA-Canada can assist clients in applying the latest technology to determine meaning, concepts and themes of interest from unstructured text and related information.  EWA-Canada has applied this technology in both the government and commercial sectors.

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