High Assurance Testing

EWA-Canada recognizes that Telco’s in North America and globally must deal with a wide range of equipment manufacturers from around the world. Governments view the telecommunications information infrastructure, on the national level, as a keystone asset to the overall health of the country and safety of the citizenry. Other critical infrastructures, financial, electrical etc... also depend heavily on a secure and available telecommunications infrastructure. A very high degree of confidence and assurance is required such that the infrastructure can be relied upon to operate in a hostile and chaotic environment against a world-wide backdrop of cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism and in the face of an increasingly sophisticated and evolving threats. Essentially, free from malware, backdoors and remote, hidden attacks via computerized command and control. Stakeholders need assurance that adequate steps and mechanisms for security against any subversive activity directed at Telecom service providers/manufacturers/vendors involved in the supply chain have been taken and are in place.

EWA-Canada possesses significant current knowledge and experience in the areas of cyber and communications threat analysis and maintains an extensive independent high assurance evaluation practice with world-wide reach. Additionally, EWA-Canada has extensive international experience and reputational credibility in the security evaluation space by virtue of our nationally and internationally accredited security evaluation labs whose core business is to provide independent Trusted Third Party evaluation services under commercial and government oversight.

The High Assurance testing methodology used by EWA-Canada to test telecommunications systems and products consists of a three prong approach to detailed analysis and testing of software, firmware and hardware and is based on both bottom up and top down activities to converge on the necessary assurance.

As a major player in the product evaluation business for over ten years we have earned the following credentials:

  • a clear absence of any potential conflict of interest;;
  • a clear absence of any conflict of interest pertaining to the telecom vendors providing equipment to carriers;
  • extensive experience in the conduct of complex independent security assessments;
  • an established record of producing unbiased independent security evaluations;
  • credibility with the Governments and industry sectors who have security concerns;
  • a detailed knowledge of government and private sector concerns regarding relevant Information Technology and Telecommunications threats; and
  • extensive experience in supporting the development, acceptance and application of international security standards as they pertain to increasing confidence, assurance and security.

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