SAKMS Directory Search

EWA-Canada is pleased to offer a new, on-line utility allowing generic PKI users to search for and access the digital certificates of Entrust™ Technologies-PKI users for the purposes of secure communications.

EWA-Canada Ltd. is providing this PKI certificate search facility as a free, third party means of accessing publicly available Government of Canada Secure Applications and Key Management Service (SAKMS) PKI certificate information. EWA-Canada does not imply any relationship to, or ownership of, the information returned through this search facility. EWA-Canada does not accept any liability or make any warranties about the information returned through this search facility. Relying parties are strongly encouraged to consult the relevant Government of Canada PKI Usage Policies to determine the appropriate usage of the certificates made available through this search facility.

Last Name:
Email Address:

The wildcard character (*) can be used to expand your results. Wildcard searches are restricted to search values with a minimum of two leading characters. For example: a last name search for 'sm*' will return all entries with a last name beginnning with 'sm' and 'sm*' will return all entries with an e-mail address starting with 'sm' and ending with

If you wish to have your organization's Entrust PKI made accessible through this service, please Contact Us.