With over 25 years in business, EWA-Canada has proven experience in both the public and private sectors and in almost every sector that has a critical reliance on technology. EWA-Canada has established itself as a centre of excellence in professional security services and critical infrastructure protection. EWA-Canada is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, and manage our Atlantic operations from St John's, Newfoundland and our Western operations from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Vast, international expertise is provided through our corporate structure, and personnel, resulting in innovative and integrated approaches to design, and vendor-neutral selection and implementation of technologies. EWA-Canada is comprised of some of the best information security professionals in the world and has had great success serving the private industry, intelligence communities, defence departments and many levels of government and agencies.

EWA-Canada is defined by a broad range of valued customers, who include:

  • CEO’s and CIO’s that recognize the importance of trusted advisors to assist in making risk management decisions;
  • Technical managers responsible for complex, integrated programs and systems that need trusted expertise to assist in designing, developing and implementing sound system-perspective solutions;
  • IT security professionals responsible for technical solutions that need to extend and update their own capability and capacity to perform their jobs; and
  • International IT product developers and system integrators that need to design, build, test and operate secure IT systems for their clients.

EWA-Canada has earned credentials from the US and Canadian Government as a laboratory certified to evaluate security features of products that wish to comply with the most stringent of International security standards (e.g. the Common Criteria, Cryptographic Module Validation Program and Security Content Automation Protocol program). Our client's products represent the latest available technologies.

The Global Payment Card Industry have accredited EWA-Canada to evaluate Point of Sale devices and Automated Teller Machines. Our Services to the financial sector include design , development and operation of the Public Key Infrastructure required to support the roll-out of smart cards in Canada. Our clients include the global leaders in POS devices, ATM machines, mobile devices and retail fuel dispensers.

EWA-Canada provides managed security services for clients who have unique concerns about their network security requiring a more detailed level of analysis.

Professional consulting services range from the strategic to the technical where a client requires trusted, independent advice related to application of technology in the working environment.


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