Semantic technologies

EWA-Canada is designing and building state of the art semantic-based knowledge discovery applications and we offer related services, such as ontology development and refinement. Our clients already include government and commercial clients anxious to make a breakthrough in productivity and understanding. Semantic technologies offer a new paradigm and set of powerful capabilities — an approach that deals with the challenges of machine-based sharing of meaning from within collections of unstructured information and building systems that know what they’re doing. Semantic technologies will profoundly change the way machines access and share information on the Internet and in large or local data repositories.

Semantic technologies are functional capabilities that enable both people and computers to create, discover, represent, organize, process, manage, reason with, present, share, and utilize meanings and knowledge to accomplish business, personal, and societal purposes. Semantic technologies are tools that represent meanings, associations, theories, and know-how about the uses of things separately from data and program code. This knowledge representation is called an ontology — a run-time semantic model of information, defined using constructs for:

  • Concepts – classes, things
  • Relationships – properties (object and data)
  • Rules – axioms and constraints
  • Instances of concepts – individuals (data, facts)

EWA-Canada provides the processes and technology to deal with the challenge of information overload. This technology can:

  • find the hidden gems in information assets;
  • conduct sophisticated multi-dimensional searches that go well beyond keywords in terms of complexity
  • monitor the Internet for issues of relevance to your organization

The potential applications in the defence security and intelligence domains include:

  • intelligence ontologies;
  • knowledge fusion
  • new approaches for conducting automated model and policy based
    searches and knowledge discovery on indexed document collections or the Internet.

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