Common Criteria Product Evaluation

EWA Canada is an accredited test lab and is approved to perform evaluations for Common Criteria (CC). The Common Criteria for IT Security Evaluation (CC; aka ISO 15408) is an international standard designed to be a flexible and an adaptable way to specify and measure IT security.  It captures the users’ functional and assurance requirements, translates policy into product and system specifications, guides product and system development, and is a basis to evaluate products and systems.

The goal of the Common Criteria is to develop confidence and trust in the security characteristics of a system and in the processes used to develop and support it.  It proves that systems function as claimed by the vendors, by following formal, independently verifiable and repeatable methods.  It also provides the basis for internationally recognized certification.


The Common Criteria process can be a lengthy and complex endeavor.  Selecting an experienced, accredited testing facility can play a key role in ensuring a successful, cost-effective evaluation.  The EWA-Canada IT Security Evaluation & Test Facility (ITSET) provides a full complement of capabilities that support all facets of the CC process.


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