IDS/IPS Installation & Monitoring

EWA-Canada provides 24/7 remote monitoring of IDS/IPS sensors installed on client networks and offers immediate or delayed alarm notification and tailored escalation procedures. This service can be provided with commercial IDS/IPS sensors or state-of-the-art public domain sensor suites especially configured by EWA-Canada. By searching all recorded and new alerts and advisories, EWA-Canada can generate tailored reports that include only data that are applicable to the client’s infrastructure.

EWA-Canada’s comprehensive analysis of  the managed IDS/IPS sensor data allows us to identify potential malicious activity on the monitored networks. Thousands of alerts and advisories concerning information threats and vulnerabilities are published annually by hardware and software vendors, Computer Emergency Response Teams ( CERTs) and a variety of protection organizations worldwide. To make effective use of this information, EWA-Canada performs extensive compilation and filtering based on the operational configuration of our customer’s systems of concern. This analysis is performed by highly skilled analysts using commercial, public domain and proprietary tools. The results of the analysis are provided to customers for follow-up action by them or by EWA-Canada.

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