CC Pre-Evaluation Consulting


Common Criteria (CC) evaluations can be complicated, costly, and a drain on your developer resources, which is why proper pre-planning is essential to ensuring success and avoiding frustrating delays.The EWA-Canada IT Security Evaluation & Test Facility (ITSET) provides pre-evaluation support and consulting services on all aspects of the CC evaluation process.


EWA-Canada’s years of experience and EAL4 approved CC evaluators can help simplify the CC process by training you on CC requirements and how best to satisfy them.


We can conduct initial assessments to provide assistance and guidance with product design and engineering and help you develop a roadmap that meets your requirements, schedule and budget by determining the following:

  • Possible areas of non-conformance;
  • The scope of the Target Of Evaluation (TOE)
  • Any CC requirements that are already satisfied and identification of those which must be addressed before a product can be properly evaluated;
  • The completeness and applicability of existing documentation;
  • A realistic Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL; refer to Part 3 of the CC standard, section 7.2);
  • Level of effort required to achieve certification;
  • Estimated evaluation costs; and
  • A viable schedule.


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