CC Evaluation Support

EWA-Canada can provide Common Criteria evaluation support services in addition to performing the Common Criteria evaluation of a product.  This is done by specifically designating highly-qualified evaluators, who are not performing the Common Criteria evaluation of the product in question, to perform the work.  The evaluation support services provided can be tailored to your particular needs and can include:
  • Security Target / Protection Profile authoring;
  • Development documentation creation, e.g., writing of the functional specification, high-level / low-level design, representation correspondence (design traceability document), security architecture description, etc.;
  • Creation of the developer test plan or test coverage documentation;
  • Support in transitioning from version 2.3 to 3.1 of the Common Criteria standard;
  • Guidance on documentation preparation for composite Target of Evaluations (TOEs); and/or
  • Any directed training on the Common Criteria, documentation creation, the Common Criteria evaluation process, etc.

EWA-Canada would be pleased to assist you with your Common Criteria support needs.


Please Contact Us for further information.