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Information Exchange Services

The importance of sharing information on IT threats and incidents among various stakeholders in public and private sector communities (e.g., healthcare, banking and finance, telecommunications, utilities, etc.) has increased as everyone has become more reliant on networked computer systems. Information about threats and incidents experienced by others can help stakeholders identify trends, understand the risks, determine appropriate responses and implement effective preventative measures.

EWA-Canada recognizes that many clients share IT security concerns with others in their sector. CanCERT™ provides its clients with a comprehensive forum for executive and technical information exchange amongst peers who have similar interests. For clients who have already purchased Daily or Weekly Threat and Vulnerability Reports, the following packaged service is available.

The Information Exchange Service includes Additional Reports of interest to a sector, including alerts related to specific sector-based vulnerabilities (e.g., SCADA for the energy sector, or SS7 for the telecommunications sector), data collection, merging and anonymization to support intra-sector information sharing.

Please get in touch with or phone (613) 230-6067 and ask for the CanCERT sales representative for additional information and pricing details.