CanCERT Overview

CanCERT™ is Canada’s first national Computer Emergency Response Team. Operated since 1998 by Electronic Warfare Associates - Canada, Ltd., CanCERT™ is a trusted centre for the collection, analysis and dissemination of information related to networked computer threats, vulnerabilities, incidents and incident response for Canadian governments, businesses and academic organizations. Our goals are:

  • To provide accurate, timely and trusted security information to the CanCERT™ client.
  • To increase awareness of networked computer threats, vulnerabilities, incidents and incident responses.
  • To provide advanced warning of attack via Canadian and world-wide statistics.
  • To foster collaboration and the sharing of security-related information.
  • To aid the CanCERT™ client in emergency incident response.
  • To assist the CanCERT™ client in applying the best information technology security practices available.

EWA-Canada is committed to, and understands, client confidentiality, privacy and legal concerns. EWA-Canada, through CanCERT™, provides the following public, client and sector services:

  • International Coordination;
  • Incident Response;
  • Informational Reports;
  • Network Attack Detection Statistics;
  • Help Desk;
  • Information Exchange Service; and
  • Advanced Research and Analysis.

Through CanCERT™ and the FIRST forum, EWA-Canada provides coordination assistance for incidents involving sites throughout the world.