In mid-1997, EWA-Canada planned, organized and, in 1998, implemented the Canadian Computer Emergency Response Team (CanCERT™). We have been successfully running it ever since.

In order to provide such a service, it is imperative to belong to, be known at, and be an active member of, many different organizations.

  • We are the first and longest standing Canadian full member of the Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST), an international organization of incident response teams that share information on threats and vulnerabilities and investigate trans-national computer security incidents.
  • We have active links with many other CERTs throughout the world.
  • By virtue of providing CanCERT™ services, EWA-Canada was invited to become a member of the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Editorial Board in 2000. This provides an ideal opportunity to collaborate internationally with the leading technical experts in the field. The CVE aims to identify, catalogue and standardize the nomenclature for all publicly known vulnerabilities and security exposures. The CVE Editorial Board allows clients of CanCERT™ to contribute to the publicly available CVE data.

Through our active, simultaneous participation in all these venues, we have access to and direct communication with world-wide security resources and up-to-the-minute IT security information throughout the world. We receive international and Canadian incident and incident response information and investigate specific Canadian incidents. Additionally, in order to remain at the forefront of knowledge, EWA-Canada invests in our people by implementing and funding in-house research projects dealing with leading edge and emerging technologies.

EWA-Canada and CanCERT™ are therefore well positioned to provide the most advanced security information, warnings and consulting throughout Canada and the United States.